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Some Thoughts on Politics

For some *strange* reason, I’ve been thinking about politics a lot recently.

I could go through the thought process, but I’m pretty tired, so I’ll jump to the end.

I think the purpose of laws is to:

1. Maintain social order.

2. Protect our freedoms.

And really that’s about it. I don’t think moral standpoints should be laws. I understand there is room to debate around these definitions. But I’m running with this theme until its inherent fallacies become clearer to me. I like it. It is a nice way to balance and think about laws. Does it maintain social order? Does it protect a freedom? Then it shouldn’t be a law.

The Shit People Believe (Politics, Not Religion)

So, I don’t actually recommend watching this.

But apparently my in-laws do.

It’s… pretty special.

This woman has five reasons she’s not voting for Obama: Life. Marriage. Israel. Freedom. America.

I don’t even know where to begin. Do you bother talking about these issues with someone who can make such ridiculous statements?

I hate how polarized politics is. Is it really so awful to have an actual discussion about policy? The ads they run… fuck. Both sides fling out the most ridiculous shit in the campiest way possible. None of it is real, none of it related to what they’ve done or what they’ll do.

I have trouble understanding how anyone could take these ads/videos seriously. There are so many strong, philosophical, intellectual  issues you could use to combat policies you fear, policies you disagree with. It lacks showiness though…

Out of curiosity, do people make these videos about Romney?


I’m ‘friends’ with the relative of a good friend on facebook. This guy has serious addiction problems. At a few points that led to him losing his job. He collected unemployment and used the money to further his habit.

So on facebook today he’s griping about Obama and says, ‘That’s right, let’s give more free shit to losers who don’t work.’


I mean, I guess he’d know about people abusing a system designed for those really in need. Right?


Holy fucking shit, I hate hate hate (three times!) political ads. They’re awful. 

You know what? Hollywood should start making that shit. At least then we’d have explosions and better drama. The voiceover dude who talks about how much shit is going to suck (HE WILL TAKE AWAY 35000 JOBS. WAITRESSING JOBS. REALTOR JOBS. YOUR JOB.)– whereas it could be:

In a world where Republicans control the Senate, where the Tea Party plots to destroy the meaning of Libertarian, where people believe that the Morning After Pill aborts a child, there came the One. A diamond in the rough, he fought his way through tax bill after tax bill, wheeled and dealed to make Health Care better. Highly intelligent, he changed the boundaries of the Presidency. Now, with the world on the brink of war, with the country drowning in debt, with jobs disappearing like David Blaine on a Monday, he’s the only one that can SAVE THE WORLD. [a high speed chase ends in a firey crash, Obama walks through the wrecked, torn and bloody, but holding the alien head in his hand, to raise up to show a thankful nation]

So much cooler.

They could do Bond too.

Pierce or Daniel? Such a tough choice.

Feeling the Hate. Politics Blow.

So my in-laws were on fuego this weekend with the political shit.

Here’s my perspective. I’m liberal. And foreign. They’re down-home and republican. From conversations, I know way more about religions, which is not much, than they do. But I don’t belong to a religion and they do. So my play is to avoid those two topics.

I’m also, as it happens, a woo-man (think Madagascar) with advanced degrees in scientific areas.

So. When the father in law, a bit drunk, bellows that ‘OLD WHITE MEN ARE WHAT MADE AMERICA GREAT’, yeah, I’m going to stand up and say, “I’m going inside. The old white men thing is too much for me.’ And when my mother in law refuses to understand, from a conversation with my husband, that voter fraud is ~1/5,000,000 and the voter i.d. law would prevent 5-12% of people from voting, it’s hard.

The vitriol. The love of Fox News. The ‘Liberal Media,’ that Christians are Republican, but they’re open minded because they’ve met some really nice Mormons… The absolute fucking hatred for anything not Conservative.

I’m not even anti what I’m starting to call the old Republican ideals. It’s a philosophy. States vs. government. Fiscal conservatism. Free markets. These arguments could win me over. But the ‘we’re Christian, we hate gays, we’re afraid of minorities, we’re afraid of immigration, and you, you fucking liberal asshole, more than anything we hate the fucking shit out of you.’

Why? It is so polarizing. It is so unnecessary. It is so anti-humanitarian. Depressing.


Boys Scouts Shock Everyone. No, Wait, They’re Still Jackasses

Quelle Surprise. BSA decided to uphold their ban on openly gay scout leaders and scouts. I think it’s wrong across the board but especially as it pertains to the scouts themselves.

Per the BSA themselves: The Boy Scouts of America believes — and, through over a century of experience, knows — that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society.

You know, unless they’re gay. Don’t help the gay youths. And teaching acceptance/tolerance/love never leads to a more conscientious, responsible, or productive society. Not at all.


When Will Obama Realize We Should Be Besties?

First, I totally mistyped that title as Beasties at first and thought 1) it would be even cooler if we joined the Beastie Boys or 2) I had some weird image of me and Obama as under the bed monsters in a children’s book.

I digress.

Seriously, I love that dude. I don’t think he’s perfect, I don’t agree with every policy but I do think he’s a good dude. When I was much younger I was talking to my father about religion and he told me he didn’t have the answers but that Jesus was a good dude that wanted us all to be nice to each other. And before I say this – I AM NOT COMPARING OBAMA TO JESUS -but i would describe him in the same way. I’m sure lots of you disagree with his politics and that’s fine, that’s beside the point (anyway, I will just totally not approve hate comments). The point is that I believe he does a lot from his heart, because he really believes it will help our country, because he really believes in us, as Americans. I loved Clinton too but I never got the same sense of altruism driving him. Now that I live in Chicago, Obama tales abound – about the kind words he sent to a teacher on medical leave when all the other parents were complaining about the change in Little Precious’ daily routine, about Michelle cleaning up herself and other people’s kids when they threw up all over- instead of just handing off the kid. I read this morning his remarks about how we succeed as a group not as individuals, how whether we like or not or can admit it or not none of us ever got anywhere without some kind of help – and I had that arrogant fangirl moment of I Was Just Saying This Clearly I Am A Genius.

Plus, holy hell, is he gracefully handling all the hate thrown at him. I’m not talking about the usual opposing politics hate. I’m talking about the marked difference in language that’s suddenly being used because the President is black. I’m talking about that bitch Jan Brewer pointing her finger in his face which would never have happened if he were white. I’m talking about the use of the word ‘boy’, the refusal to use the term Mr. President, the questioning of his religion, the authenticity of his race, and whether or not he’s a Muslim. I’m talking about racist hate. Deny it, that’s on your conscience- not mine- but he’s taking a level of ignorance and hatred not known before in US politics and handling it with aplomb. Such a stellar man.

So I wander around Chicago hoping for a casual run-in (on the rare occasions they’re here) which results in the Obamas inviting us for dinner and the four of us become BFFs. Sigh.



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