Dear Employers: What Happened to Etiquette? Also – Fuck You, Paterno

Quick morning gripe:

What happened to rejection letters and responses in general? I don’t mind form letters to just acknowledge that application materials have been received but what the hell happened to rejection letters? I agonize over my cover letter, resume, and subsequent thank you letter with every thing I do and when I make it through a few round with a company I expect a proper rejection. I know that may sound odd but if you could spend that much time on me and ask me to spend so much of my time on what turns out to be a fruitless exercise can’t you at least show me the respect of an personal rejection? Sigh.


Fuck You, Paterno. And all of Penn State. Theonly good that comes of this new report is that it means I just won several arguments from the Fall in which I argued there was no way they didn’t know and that they should all fucking fry. Sometimes the world is such a sad, off-putting place. Makes me all the determined in my next degree though. I will make things better for my kids and all the kids out there. I just wish more people felt the same.

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