Deep Thoughts

Random Things I Have Thought About While Not Blogging and Instead Being Bored


1. Could I date a stripper? This stems from recent episodes of How I Met Your Mother in which Barney (NPH – awesome) is dating a stripper, Quinn (Pretty girl that was on Ugly Betty and is likeable in a way that you know she’d be good to get beers with – Becki Newton). After some discussion the answer is no. Not because of any judgment on stripping but because it’s too much, too soon. It raises so many insecurities and jealousy issues (even though they can be worked through) at the very beginning of the relationship. I just think it would take my head too long to come to grips with it and the relationship itself would be a mess. However, former strippers are totally acceptable.


2. I was an underachieving teenager and am an underachieving adult. Actually, I shouldn’t be so self-pitying (have I mentioned I feel stuck lately?) because I actually think all of the following is awesome.

3. Everyone on Facebook is totally full of shit. Seriously. This will probably get discussed again at a later time. Literally everyone lies on Facebook, so much so that I wonder what the fucking point of it is. It turns out everyone I know, according to their Facebook profile, has the perfect partner, perfect job, is the perfect mother with the perfect kid(s), is having the best time hanging out with their bros, and has exactly the life they’ve always dreamed of. But when I see these people in person it’s more about the fact that they’re already on their second marriage, that their baby was premature or they suffered a miscarriage, that they just moved and feel alone, that they hate their job, their parents put pressure on them, their children strain their patience in ways they never dreamed of, that they feel like they’ll never meet someone, that they can’t come out to their family. Don’t me wrong, I understand that we’ve agreed not to talk about these things in our online presence but I also believe that if we were able to we could share with each other, support each other, relate to one another. I suspect when I’m a new mom it would be comforting to hear that my former classmates, my cousins, my law school girlfriends also find that waking up throughout the night for months to having a tiny person yell at you is a special kind of hell, that I am not doing something wrong and that everyone (or at least some) goes through this. I know right now that I find comfort, motivation, and support from the friends I know that are also going through a career struggle. Pretending like there’s a right way to be just makes everyone feel insecure. Maybe through Facebook we could learn, as a society, to accept the fact that we’re all fucked up.

4. Things on the Internets I Appreciate

  • This is new to me but not to millions of readers – The Bloggess
  • Zane Lowe. I love the BBC. Radio 1 is always a fairly solid choice but Zane definitely maintains their street cred (so to speak) He’s looking at new music, new bands, new everything. It’s what radio used to be about – hearing something you haven’t before and getting excited.
  •  Did I mention I’m looking for work?
  • OMGPosters! I like pretentious concert posters and arty prints and this site keeps you up to date on what’s coming out and new artists.

5. My dog is awesome and cuddly.

6. Trader Joe’s is not currently hiring in my area.

7. The Muppets movie is awesome! Very Meta. And funny. Loved it. Also continued my Jason Segel obsession into the weekend by going and seeing The Five Year Engagement – Not brilliant but not terrible either. Next up: Jeff, Who Lives at Home.

  • Speaking of the muppets – FAO lets you design your own. I got one for my first niece  couple of years ago. She was too young to enjoy it at the time but my sister and I had a blast designing it.


Meh. So that’s all my jib-jabbing for now. Maybe later I’ll come at you with some coherent thoughts. Doubtful, but we shall see.



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